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 === CG24 / CG25 gate arrays === === CG24 / CG25 gate arrays ===
 [[https://​www.keysight.com/​en/​pd-B4129AJ%3Aepsg%3Apro-pn-B4129AJ/​tsutsuji-fujitsu-cg24-cell-library?​pm=PL&​nid=-536900196.536902682&​cc=CA&​lc=fre|B4129AJ Tsutsuji Fujitsu CG24 Cell Library]] [[https://​www.keysight.com/​en/​pd-B4129AJ%3Aepsg%3Apro-pn-B4129AJ/​tsutsuji-fujitsu-cg24-cell-library?​pm=PL&​nid=-536900196.536902682&​cc=CA&​lc=fre|B4129AJ Tsutsuji Fujitsu CG24 Cell Library]]
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