Information on experiment legality, precedent, and incidents. Focus on USA home experimentation.


Incidents that evoked law enforcement response.

David Hahn

Country: USA

aka “Radioactive Boy Scout”


Video describing what he did


  • “It seems he hadn't broken any laws. The laws were designed for private institutions, not private individuals”

Result: superfund site.

Richard's reactor

Country: Sweeden

Arrest announced

He tried to recreate David's project. Notably he posted a picture of his stove covered in radioactive debris after a mixture exploded

Result: Jail time / fines?

Ben Krasnow

Country: USA

NRC visit after posting details about his CT scanner online. Sounds like they worked with him to get it certified compliant by adding shielding.

Fusor community

Lots of people seem to build small home reactors without issue.

Commercial isotopes

Spectrum Techniques has some info on exempt sources, including NRC links

Why is Curie limit different for different isotopes?

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