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   * https://​www.emse.fr/​~dutertre/​doc_recherche/​C_2010_1_PASTIS2010.pdf   * https://​www.emse.fr/​~dutertre/​doc_recherche/​C_2010_1_PASTIS2010.pdf
   * https://​twin.sci-hub.tw/​6668/​565d852b8454ae1cb3ef135fadb6defe/​vasselle2017.pdf#​view=FitH   * https://​twin.sci-hub.tw/​6668/​565d852b8454ae1cb3ef135fadb6defe/​vasselle2017.pdf#​view=FitH
 +  * https://​eprint.iacr.org/​2018/​717.pdf Xilinx key extraction
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