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       * ST 24C02 clock: http://​uvicrec.blogspot.com/​2012/​07/​st-24c02-sector-17r-clock.html       * ST 24C02 clock: http://​uvicrec.blogspot.com/​2012/​07/​st-24c02-sector-17r-clock.html
       * William'​s SC1: http://​uvicrec.blogspot.com/​2013/​03/​williams-special-chip-1-sc1.html       * William'​s SC1: http://​uvicrec.blogspot.com/​2013/​03/​williams-special-chip-1-sc1.html
 +    * https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=6N9ofyDUjaU
 +      * Someone said to take a look at this
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